Joep Beving

We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of hearing the melodic lullabies of Joep Beving during Vivid last night.
Many of Madelines students have been studying his music, particularly his spotify hit ‘Ab Ovo’ which opened the show.
The Utzon room saw a full house of Beving fans, with the ambient backdrop of Sydney Harbour.
Vivid boats passed by throughout the performance, and reflected their illuminating light on the water behind Joep.

Woy Woy Gig Night

Live music echoed through the streets of Woy Woy on Saturday; as local students shared their songs at Stratford Music.
This is the first of many concerts that Stratford Music will be hosting throughout the year.
Students of all ages performed pieces showcasing their studies on Piano, Vocals, Violin, Cello, Drums & Guitar.
The Concerts consisted of a Matinee and an Evening show with 22 performances in total.

Vocal Academy Launches on the Peninsula

This is our chance for the Peninsula to develop a creative, social and educational group for students. Singing in a group creates harmony, friendships, confidence and the opportunity to grow. The Stratford Music Vocal Academy is a fun & social group for ages 8 – 14.

The Grove Studios Open Day

The Grove Studios Open Day was an eye opener for musicians and students alike as we explored the Studio grounds. Originally designed and built by Garry Gary Beers from INXS – The Grove Studios is now offering courses in Sound Production right here on the Central Coast.

Brand New Tuition Centre

A brand new tuition centre has opened on the Central Coast – providing local budding musicians a place to hone their skills with a range of professional tutors and a growing musical community. Locals of all ages now have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills in Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Viola, Musicianship, Band, Songwriting & Performance. This is a place on the Coast that encourages & guides students to reach their full potential.