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    Our Concert Program is an opportunity for students to be active with their music, and align with Stratford Music for
    creative kids central coast stratford music voucher rebate
    Stratford Music is a Registered Provider for the Creative Kids Program in NSW. You can save $100 on your music
    central coast music concert stratford somersby
    Central Coast music students will be gathering for a concert showcase weekend in December. A large variety of acts will
    concert stratford music open day august 2018 guitar singing vocals lessons central coast
    Students in Woy Woy performed at Stratford Musics' in house concert last Saturday. The concert showcased students of all ages
    open day
    We’ll be celebrating our 7th Birthday with live music from our talented students and tutors at our in-house concert. The
    Joep Beving meeting with Madeline Stratford after his performance at Vivid Sydney at the Opera House.
    We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of hearing the melodic lullabies of Joep Beving during Vivid last night.