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Christmas is coming early for new students, as part of Stratford Musics FREE Guitar promotion. Students of all ages and levels are eligible to receive a brand new guitar when they enrol for their first Guitar lesson term! There are a range of colours and sizes to choose from, so choose yours TODAY! This offer...

GUY STRAZZ Master Guitarist & Composer; teaches at Stratford Music

GUY STRAZZ teaches at Stratford Music Guitar Master, Composer, Performer and PhD Guy Strazz is teaching at Stratford Music starting Term 4! Thursday Timeslots Available! All Ages! Guy Strazz is an acknowledged master jazz guitarist, and awarded composer. Musically, his work navigates modern jazz and World jazz influenced by Afro-Brazilian music and Indian classical music....

Joep Beving

We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of hearing the melodic lullabies of Joep Beving during Vivid last night.
Many of Madelines students have been studying his music, particularly his spotify hit ‘Ab Ovo’ which opened the show.
The Utzon room saw a full house of Beving fans, with the ambient backdrop of Sydney Harbour.
Vivid boats passed by throughout the performance, and reflected their illuminating light on the water behind Joep.

Woy Woy Gig Night

Live music echoed through the streets of Woy Woy on Saturday; as local students shared their songs at Stratford Music.
This is the first of many concerts that Stratford Music will be hosting throughout the year.
Students of all ages performed pieces showcasing their studies on Piano, Vocals, Violin, Cello, Drums & Guitar.
The Concerts consisted of a Matinee and an Evening show with 22 performances in total.

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