Music Theory Courses at Stratford Music

This online Udemy course has everything you need to learn the fundamentals of Music.
Your personal tutor Madeline will guide you every step of the way, to give you a real 1 on 1 learning feel.

What is Theory without Practical components?

This course includes practical sessions including writing, drawing, listening, movement, rhythm and ear training.

Madeline has created this course to suit adult learners, and self motivated teens from 15+.
You don’t need to have an instrument to do this course, or have even played one ever before.

This course will suit:

  • Music enthusiasts who want to take their first step into learning about the Musical world.
  • Students who at one time played an instrument but need a refresher.
  • People who are currently learning an instrument, but haven’t touched much on the Theory side of music.
  • Students preparing for a Music Theory Exam Grade 1.
  • People who have tried to learn Music on their own, but would prefer the guidance of a professional tutor.
  • Kids (8-12yrs) who have started learning an instrument, and have a parent that can help guide them.
  • Younger teens (12-15yrs) who have a strong interest in music.
  • Any adult keen on music.
  • Seniors who are interested in developing new skills, or have studied music a long time ago.
  • Seniors who are learning an instrument, but want to improve their overall music knowledge.

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