A native of New Jersey, Jon was born to a concert pianist and music teacher mother. He first became enthralled by the drums at 7 years of age whilst watching the 1970s lounge band that rehearsed at his house. His mother bought him a second hand kit from the band’s drummer, and sent him for lessons.

Jon was the youngest ever first string drummer on the cadence team of Fork Union Military Academy marching band. He began playing in New Jersey clubs with a variety of local bands when he was 15. After graduating high school he went to The Institute of Audio Research in New York City and studied engineering before moving to Texas where he had a very successful run as a founding member of alt/grunge era band Truck (Truckasaurus), opening for such bands as Infectious Grooves and Fishbone.

He moved to Australia in 1998 and continued his audio engineering career and after a 15 year hiatus Jon happily bought another drum kit – and is currently having more fun than should be legal


I have been playing drums for 22 years and have been teaching for last 7 years. I first began teaching drums at Miranda music in 2004 but have also taught at Gold Coast Music and Billy Hyde Music (Parramatta). Over the years I have played and recorded music in many bands covering a broad range of styles, some of the musicians I have worked with include; Bobby Flynn (Australian Idol), Doc Span, Mckisko, DV8, Jigzag, Tom Cooney, and Fur. I also have a Diploma in music education. Studying music theory and technique has complimented my practical experience enabling me to provide the students with a solid education. I am very pleased to be part of the teaching staff at Startford Music.