Madeline has over 20 years worth of musical knowledge and studies behind her.
She has performed at many venues around the Central Coast, and has recorded on multiple albums from funk to classical to metal. She has provided short films & animations with original compositions and was an awarded Finalist in the 2011 APRA National ProfessionalDevelopment Awards (Classical Category.)

Madeline can play a wide variety of genres and is focused on creating lessons for the individuals needs to inspire creativity & excitement.

As Stratford Music’s Director she quotes:
“We wanted to create a place that was homely but also unique. We’ve designed the new school to offer the highest standard of tuition whilst still being a comfortable place that students of all ages will enjoy visiting.”


Music for Lara Dennes has played a big part her life, enjoying all genres of music, both listening to and singing. Lara has been studying both classical and contemporary singing for over 10 years and piano for 9, with a line-up of AMEB grades completed.

Whilst studying at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, Lara performed in many concerts and obtained Certificate 3 in Music performance. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Music.
Lara has performed in many musicals, choirs, Eisteddfods and Australia Day events.

“I believe music lessons should be fun while still being productive.”


Stuart is a guitarist with over 20 years’ experience. He was very fortunate to have been raised by parents and grandparents who were professional musicians as he was able to absorb a great deal of musical knowledge from them at quite a young age.

He started his formal musical studies at age 6, progressing through AMEB piano and theory to 7th grade. At 15 he switched his focus to the guitar.

He continued his music studies at Sydney University as part of his Bachelor of Arts degree. Over the years, Stuart has performed and recorded with a number of Sydney bands, and as a solo artist, in a variety of styles.

He’s recently released an album titled “Feet in the Dirt”, where a portion of proceeds have gone towards StreetSmart Charity.


I have been playing drums for 22 years and have been teaching for last 7 years. I first began teaching drums at Miranda music in 2004 but have also taught at Gold Coast Music and Billy Hyde Music (Parramatta). Over the years I have played and recorded music in many bands covering a broad range of styles, some of the musicians I have worked with include; Bobby Flynn (Australian Idol), Doc Span, Mckisko, DV8, Jigzag, Tom Cooney, and Fur. I also have a Diploma in music education. Studying music theory and technique has complimented my practical experience enabling me to provide the students with a solid education. I am very pleased to be part of the teaching staff at Startford Music.