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    Live Music Gig Night

    Live music ready to be performed at Stratford Music gig nights. Keep up to date with our events.
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    Live Music at Stratford Musics Opening Gig Night

    Live Music in Woy Woy on Saturday 19th May

    Local music students on the Peninsula will share their songs as part of a Live Music Event
    hosted by Stratford Music. Students of all ages will be showcasing a range of instruments
    including Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Violin & Cello.

    The Live Music will start with one matinee gig, with students performing from 3pm-4pm.
    Afterwards the evening gig will start at 6pm-7pm – featuring our Acoustic Student Band.

    Tickets for each concert is $10. Performers are FREE.

    Live Music in Woy Woy - Featuring our Students:

    live music performed at Stratford Music by Sam

    Sam Windley has wowed audiences over the years at Stratford Music.

    Sams original compositions and heartfelt performances are always something to be enjoyed.
    She will be teaming up with her musical friend Kalani Artis for the Gig Night
    and showcasing their skills on Guitar and Vocals at the evening show.

    Amy performing piano at Stratford Music concert night in 2017. The audience is wowed by her beautiful performance.

    Amy will be performing Japanese Classical Piano.

    Amy Luo has been learning Piano for a number of years.
    She excels at her studies and consistently surprises audiences with her
    beautiful touch on the keys.
    Attendees at the Matinee show will be able to hear Amy play!

    Live music at Stratford Music by Francesca. She has been doing vocal lessons with us and will be singing Jolene.

    There’s a first time for everything!

    Francesca is doing her debut vocal performance at the Matinee Show.
    She has chosen to sing ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton.
    We’re looking forward to supporting our first timer as she bravely takes the stage!


    Siblings Evan VanDerMast and Madeline Stratford will be performing a Duet.

    Evans vocal talent has earned him a keen fanbase among other students at Stratford Music,
    and also at Karaoke nights on the Coast.
    Always the crowd favourite piece, Evan will be singing Tennessee Whiskey
    with Madeline accompanying on Piano and Backing Vocals in the evening show.

    Live Music on the Central Coast at Stratford Music. Lily performing piano.

    Swan Lake comes to Stratford Music!

    Lily has been a diligent student, and frequently performs at our concerts.
    Her own creative flair has been added to the classic ‘Swan Lake’ theme.
    At the Matinee show, you will be able to hear Lily and her sister Sophie too.

    Daniel bracher performing at the markets whilst busking. Photo taken by Stratford Music. Live Music on the Central Coast.

    Daniel Bracher can be often seen busking around the Coast.

    From the streets of Woy Woy & Umina, to markets & cafes.
    Daniel is a keen Guitarist & Vocalist, where he will be showcasing his skills
    at the evening show @ Stratford Music.

    Flynn has had Piano lessons at Stratford Music - Central Coast - and will perform at our live music gig.

    Mini Maestro

    Flynn is one of our youngest students at Stratford Music, but he is also one of the most studious!
    He has learned a lot in his short time with us, and will definitely surprise audiences.
    His dedication and hard work for a young learner is something to be admired.
    You can catch Flynn at the Matinee Show.

    live music gig night events at Stratford Music featuring Maisy

    Violin Trio – Featuring Maisy Gilroy

    Maisy will be performing a Violin Cover of “The Greatest” by Sia.
    Joining her on Violin will be her Violin Ensemble mates – Daniel & Alydia.
    Her tutor Madeline will also be accompanying on Piano.
    This shows off some high energy techniques for all players!

    Live music at Stratford Music featuring Ginger Piano Jazz

    Jazz hands on the Piano

    Ginger will be playing a Jazz Piece “Feline Boogie.”
    Being a Piano Grade 2 piece, this shows off interesting showmanship techniques!
    Ginger has been working hard to cultivate a smooth performance, and showcase the style of Piano Jazz.

    Live music events by Sophie at Stratford Music. She has had singing lessons and piano lessons at Stratford Music.

    Sophie sings on stage!

    Sophie has recently joined our Vocal Academy and is excited for her debut performance!
    She has performed Piano solos at Stratford Music before, but this will be her very first Vocal piece!
    You can catch Sophie and her sister Lily at the Matinee Show!

    Live music at Stratford Music on the Central Coast performed by the Cove sisters. They have had singing lessons, piano lessons and guitar lessons.

    Part of the family!

    Taz and Sam have been a part of the Stratford Music family for years.
    Their beautiful vocal harmonies, accompanied by instrumental talent makes these sisters an iconic duo!
    Sam is also a part of the Acoustic Group, who will be opening the evening concert!

    music concert live gig night stratford music piano siblings perform at woy woy.

    Classic Siblings

    Anna and Andrew have excelled at their Piano studies over the years at Stratford Music.
    They will be performing a classical piece each, alongside their Cousin Amy at the Matinee gig.
    They never back down from a challenge, and their playing reflects their hours of practise.

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