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    Student & Parent Expectations

    Music Practise - Setting yourself up for success!

    Music practise laid out on top of a piano

    At Stratford Music, we take your education seriously.

    Our tutors take time to design your lessons to suit your individual needs.
    In order to maximise the effectiveness of lessons, practise is key!
    Your tutor will advise you as to the right amount of practise, although as a rule:
    the more practise you do – the better you get!
    Below are some tips for effective practise.

    guitar bedroom music practice. Practising music in the dark is not ideal.

    Create your own space

    You should have an area with enough light and room to practise your music.
    Practising requires concentration and you may fatigue if you are struggling to see, or you can’t get comfortable.
    Make sure you have a music stand if you need one.
    Don’t rely on tables to lean over, or have your music on the floor.
    This can result in bad posture, which will affect your technique!

    Music practise goals. Bass Guitar close up

    Set GOALS for your practise!

    Timing / Rhythm
    Phrasing / Smoothness
    Dynamics / Volume
    Tempo / Speed
    Focusing on mastering one specific section.

    Music practise with a metronome.

    Try different practise methods

    Change up your practising routine by:

    • Using a metronome
    • Using backing tracks
    • Recording yourself
    • Playing for family and friends
    Practise music at a certain time. Use a clock or timer.

    Plan your practise time!

    Practise doesn’t magically happen!
    Schedule some time where you can sit quietly, see your music and also comfortably play your instrument.
    Try and practise at the same time every day. Before dinner is a good start!

    Gift Vouchers. practise warmups on the piano before you start playing

    Warm Up First!

    Creating music is a physical activity, so it’s important to properly warm up before you really get into it!
    Your tutors can recommend exercises that will benefit you the most.

    Getting ready for music practise by getting your instrument out of the case. Enrolment enquiries are being taken now.

    Keep your instrument accessible!

    Does your instrument stay packed away in a case or do you have a stand for it?
    Another great way to keep a Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Violin safe is to have a wall mount.
    As a result, this will keep your instrument accessible, safe, and in tune.

    Vocalists should make a dedicated area for their music stand & lyrics.

    Pianists should keep their Piano free of clutter and have a Piano stool that is the right height.

    practise music without distraction by putting your mobile phone on charge.

    Limit your distractions

    Put your phone on charge whilst you practise and create a quiet space for yourself.
    Your environment should be relaxed and free of clutter.
    Hopefully siblings & family members know not to disturb you during your practise time.
    It’s important to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand.


    Students should always feel free to ask their tutor anything about their musical studies.
    There’s no such thing as a stupid question if the goal is to clarify something you’re unsure about!

    If you’re a parent of a student, it’s crucial to check in with your tutor!
    This way you can keep up to date with practise goals and progress.
    Consequently, you can give us feedback on how things are going at home, and if there’s anything you can do to help practise!

    Younger Students

    Younger students (5yrs – 8yrs) need more exposure to their instrument to keep in a routine and to also keep the information fresh. Small doses of practise each day is beneficial for younger students, and should be encouraged by parents. At least 10 mins per day is a benchmark.

    As students get older and more proficient at their instrument, their daily practice amount should also naturally increase. However “Quality” practice is better than just “Quantity” of practice.
    Students should have a specific goal in mind when practicing and focus on bettering that one thing.


    For your child to get the most out of lessons, it’s crucial to check in once in a while.
    Have a chat to your tutor after a lesson to see what needs to be practised, and how everything is progressing. Please read the newsletters and check the website/facebook for events & developments.

    Encourage your child to play for you or even show you how to do something on their instrument.
    Maintain a schedule for their practise and keep it as part of a routine.
    Students need to be remided to practise – even if they enjoy the instrument – there are a lot of distractions that can get in their way.

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