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Guitar Lessons with Yuki Osa

Feedback from Stratford Music Students!

Tailored Lessons

Our family has 3 different tutors from Stratford Music – and we love them all!
They use a student-centric approach which works really well for our family.
The tutors take the time to tailor lessons to our musical interests and abilities, which
makes our musical education a real joy!

Relaxed Environment

Stratford Music provides a friendly and relaxed music environment.
As an adult student of the Piano, I am enjoying every lesson.
My tutor is always very supportive and encouraging.
I couldn’t wish for a better teacher!

Feeling at Ease

Being a mature student at Stratford Music, I feel at ease with my tutor and their excellent tuition!


Our tutor is great! She really inspires my son to play and practice and compose.
He loves the music theory most of all – how cool is that?

Second Family

Our daughter has been attending Stratford Music for 5 years now and love every minute of it.
We have watched her grow and develop into a wonderful young woman with a strong passion for music.
The school has become a second family to her.

Fulfilling a Quest

To learn a musical instrument from scratch requires a good teacher and a supportive environment.
I found both of these attributes at Stratford Music and after one year of lessons and group work, my quest to become a (great) Violinist is well underway!

Guitarists and Pianist with their Band Mentor at Stratford Music after their band rehearsal.
A group of students looking at a Piano being taken apart by their class tutor. The tutor has a piano key in his hand and is showing the students the anatomy of the Piano.