Despite the ongoing rising costs of operating the school we’ve held off any price increases for the last 4 years.
However, with the forced move and the increased expenses for the new location, our prices unfortunately must go up. As of October 10th (Term 4) all lessons will be increased by $5.
Additionally, as of Term 4 all band/ensemble groups that are run at Stratford Music will be an elective program which will incur a small cost to attend.

As we’ve always done, we push for ever increasing quality of service and learning experiences.
We will be investing in:

  • Pay rises for our loyal and hardworking tutors.
  • Continued improvement of the school & its facilities/equipment.
  • Strengthening the schools network within the local community.
  • Developing new programs within the school.
  • Research & development of new teaching materials and methods.
  • Creating new opportunities for performances and events.
  • Covering the ongoing increased costs to keep the school running.

As we progress in our new venue, we want it to be a central hub for education on the central coast.
We will be branching out to encompass new avenues of learning and tuition for our students, covering multiple subjects.

  • ½ Hour 1 on 1 Lesson  $35
  • Hour 1 on 1 Lesson $70
  • ½ Hour 2 on 1 Lesson $45
  • 1 Hour Group/Ensemble/Band $10
  • ½ Hour Senior Lessons 1 on 1  $25

As usual, in order to schedule a makeup lesson or credit, a minimum of 48hrs notice is required.
Makeups do not apply to Band Groups / Ensembles.

PARENTS: For your child to get the most out of lessons, it’s crucial to check in once in a while.
Have a chat to your tutor after a lesson to see what needs to be practised, and how everything is progressing. Please read the newsletters and check the website/facebook for events & developments. Encourage your child to play for you or even show you how to do something on their instrument. Maintain a schedule for their practise and keep it as part of a routine.
Students need to be reminded to practise – even if they enjoy the instrument – there are a lot of distractions that can get in their way.

STUDENTS: Really listen to your tutor – get involved in your learning and ask any question you feel you’re unsure about. Practice exactly what your tutor suggests between lessons. Keep up to date with newsletters and school events. Put in as much effort as you can to succeed!


Monday Band Group                                              FREE TRYOUTS 10th OCT 8-9pm register now
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Mentor: Chris Stratford & Jon Fox
Genre: Rock/Pop

Monday Band Group offers students a chance to jam & perform together by learning popular songs.
Places available include: Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth & Vocals.

Tuesday Band Group                                              FREE TRYOUTS 11th OCT 8-9pm register now
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Mentor: Madeline Stratford
Genre: Mixed

Tuesday Band Group offers the more advanced players a varied set list from classical to rock.
This group focuses on getting the most out of your part by building compositional skills, theory knowledge & proper technique.
Places available include: Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth & Vocals.

Wednesday Ensemble                                           FREE TRYOUTS 12th OCT 8-9pm register now
Time: 8:00 – 9:00pm
Mentor: Liz Browne
Genre: Classical/Film

The Wednesday Ensemble studies pieces from various soundtracks and folk music. Centered mostly around the strings section, the ensemble offers inspiration and challenges to players of all levels.
Places available include: Violin, Cello & Acoustic Guitar.

Thursday Acoustic Group                                      FREE TRYOUTS 13th OCT 8-9pm register now
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Mentor: Bryce Sainty
Genre: Pop/Indie

Under the mentorship of local artist, performer and chart-topper Bryce Sainty – students from Stratford Music have been coached and inspired to share their flourishing talents. The acoustic group focuses on building a structured piece with rich harmonies, & instrument sections whilst workshopping performance & song writing.
Places available include: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth & Vocals.